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Eater's 2013 Burger Week Starts Now

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Welcome to Eater's 2013 Burger Week, a celebration of that quintessential American patty between a roll or bread. Starting now and going until the end of the week, Eater will feature all sorts of coverage of burgers, fries, and the people that make it happen. Some new burgers, notable burgers, maps, numbers and other features will grace the Eater virtual pages. Normal coverage will weave it's way into the mix as well.

This year, four restaurants that don't serve burgers have created special Eater burgers that are on the menu during Eater Burger Week. Throughout the week these burgers will be highlighted on Eater, and customers can pop into the restaurants and order the "Eater burger." Look for them at Union Sushi + Barbecue Bar, Found, Mercadito and a full burger tasting menu at Storefront Company.

Without further ado, let Burger Week 2013 begin.