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Amidst Renovations, Vertigo Sky Lounge Launching "The Bartenders Table"

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Photo: Vertigo Sky Lounge

The Chefs Table has been a hidden restaurant perk for decades, coming into local vogue in recent years, giving diners a chance to get up close and personal with some of their favorite chefs and the exclusive opportunity to taste off-the-menu bites and works in progress. But a Bartenders Table is an untapped idea, until now.

Given the rise in mixology and the status of the bartender, it was only a matter of time before someone explored the idea. But someone had to do it first, and it's about to happen at Vertigo Sky Lounge.

Like a Chefs Table, the Bartenders Table will be small (four-to-six seats), feature a nightly-changing tasting menu, and a personal lesson in the craft. The experience will start with a champagne cocktail and an amuse bouche like crostini and caviar. Seven or eight "surprise" cocktail tastes will be interspersed with sorbetto to cleanse palettes.

Food and beverage director Matt McCahill says they're "going to get fancy," attempting to bring fine-dining culture and a foodie crowd with the concept. That means liquid nitrogen, house-made syrups and bitters, and a known name with a culinary background behind the bar when they launch the table next month.

Vertigo Sky Lounge, part of the dana hotel & spa, is also the only year-round outdoor patio in the city. The whole space is currently under renovation as well, finishing up next month. Expect cosmetic changes like firepits surrounded by "iced" glass, fire torches, hanging cabanas, a large illuminated "V" visible from State Street below, another new 14-seat bar, and increased seating.

McCahill expects it all to be ready April 4.
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Vertigo Sky Lounge

2 W. Erie St., Chicago, IL