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Quay Building a Sushi Bar in the Atrium and a Service Bar on the Water

The Atrium at Quay
The Atrium at Quay

Since opening in the gigantic 12,000-foot space on East Illinois 20 months ago, Quay continues to evolve and add new features. Chef Dan Marquis took over the expansive food program, covering all three areas (dining room, The Atrium, bar), in December 2011, changing the theme from traditional steakhouse to a style he learned from Bin 36 tasting menus. He even starting sourcing produce and meats from his own farm last summer in an experimental capacity. After launching a floating dock on the river, the team at Quay is adding more wrinkles.

The enormous concept features a gigantic oval bar at the entrance, leading to the cushy dining room, with The Atrium in the back facing the river. The 80-seat Atrium is about to add a eight-to-ten seat sushi bar supplying sushi rolls, champagne, and rose to the Atrium and docks beginning in April.

Through the back door of The Atrium sits a flight of stairs that leads down to the water. Last year, they introduced a floating dock last year where boats can park, eat, and drink on the only riverside, water-level restaurant patio (100 seats) in the city. This year, they're building a service bar to privately serve those guests. Cocktails will be available, previously the dock only served beer and wine. A wooden gazebo is also under construction, look for this portion to open around May 15.

Marquis has added house-made charcuterie to the seasonally-rotating menus, and a greenhouse on his farm. That harvest, like all the additions, should be available by late spring.
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465 E. Illinois St., Chicago, IL