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Sun-Times Cutting Food Section, Replacing it with TASTE

Considering the financial state of many local newspapers, this can't come as too much of a shock. Yet it's still the end of an era of sorts. The Sun-Times is cutting their food section, replacing it with a new section titled TASTE, which will cover recipes, wine, shopping, and advertising. The story was originally reported by Grub Street and confirmed by a statement published by The Daily Meal. Restaurant reviews should still be present in the entertainment section.

Another catch is the TASTE content won't be filled by Sun-Times writers, it'll be produced by a company called Custom Media Solutions. Some might wonder if the content will be filled by Journatic.

Print media has been sliced and diced so much in recent years that this might feel like another in a long chain. Next Wednesday will be the debut of TASTE, today is the final edition of the Sun-Times food section. Get it while it's hot.
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