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Chef, Menu Changes Abound at Sprout

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There's a lot of flux at Sprout right now. Chef de cuisine Jeffrey Sills is no longer running the kitchen, sous chefs Jack Senkovic and B.J. Marquardt are now helming Sprout and sister restaurant Frog N Snail. Sills left within the past couple days, executive chef of operations Dale Levitski said. Levitski will oversee both restaurants for the time being, often running back and forth every day.

Levitski is also in the process of revamping the entire Sprout menu. He says they'll be returning to their original format, meaning five courses of "choose your own adventure." Customers will choose from a small list for each course, he's shooting for a $65 price tag. Frog N Snail recently released a new menu of their own as well.

He says there's been a lot of in-house shuffling at Sprout, with plenty of staff moving over from Frog N Snail, which "ruffled feathers." Levitski cites a "slow January" for the changes. Sills is in the process of moving to Iowa.
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