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The Early Word on Barbecue Utopia Bub City

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Bub City, the revamped River North barbecue joint operated by popular Chicago restauranteurs R.J. and Jerrod Melman and mixologist Paul McGee, has received mixed reviews since its opening over a month ago. While many customers enjoy the vibrant country music and smoked meat offerings, others are skeptical of the service and value. Here's the early word on Bub City:

The Good News: A Yelper raves about the menu: "Five words: lobster roll sweet potato fluff. I sleep a little better just knowing they exist. Also the spoon bread. Also the tater tots. Also try the stone fence. This place is the awesome food without the what-to-wear hassle. Am I a fan of country music? Well, when I'm here I am. I can't deny it: it pairs too well with everything else." [Yelp]

The Bad News: A Foursquare user isn't impressed: "Is that pulled pork or pulled fat? Yes. . This place joins a long line of Chicago BBQ places that aren't worth much." [Foursquare]

The Pork News: Blog The Ghost Guest sheds some light on the barbecued pig: "The pork was extremely tender and not smothered in sauce, which I always appreciate. You almost didn't need any sauce at all, but I had to try each of Bub City's homemade sauces. That pork certainly rivaled my other favorites at Chicago Q and Smoque." [The Ghost Guest]

The Staff News: An Eater commenter feels ransomed at the restaurant: "The food is okay at best, but the management is completely incompetent. We finished our meal, gave our server our credit card - as normal; nothing special - and because THEIR COMPUTERS WERE DOWN, IT TOOK 45 MINUTES TO PROCESS. They would not return our card, they did not offer us a drink (except water), they did not comp the meal, they kept apologizing but did nothing. It was like being held hostage. I told them to return the cards and let us go and they kept saying they "were working on it." [Eater Comments]

The Drink News: Red Eye Chicago appreciates the strong cocktails: "Likewise, the Horse's Neck (With a Kick)—a bourbon, lemon, ginger beer combo that tasted like a harder-partying dark 'n' stormy—was seriously strong. More ambitious folks around me went straight for the extensive whiskey list, organized by distillery and featuring some barrels that McGee himself selected on a trip to Kentucky. Lesson? Sip slowly—you're getting your money's worth." [REChi]

The Recommendation News: One Yelp reviewer finds the waitress inauthentic: "The food is really good. The service was so so. I like to ask them a few questions about items on the menu & she kept saying she "loved" everything I asked & how it was her favorite. How many favorites can you have? I liked the live music! When they put their regular music on tho its so loud you can even talk. Our server was ok, but not much of a personality or smiler. We will be back tho." [Yelp]

The Regular News: On Twitter @btenenbaum makes return trips: "Headed to @BubCityChi for my 6th time. I guess you could say I am a fan. Always support the buds @RJMelman @JerrodMelman" [Twitter]

The Smokey News: Blog Newman Knows Chicago rates the barbecue: "Pulled pork should be tender and full of smoke even if it's the gun smoke from the gun that slaughtered the poor little pig. For tender I give it four out of five revolvers. For smoke, well, lets just say, he was shooting blanks." [NKC]
— Ashley Mason

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[Photo: Barry Brecheisen]

Bub City

435 North Clark Street, , IL 60654 (312) 610-4200 Visit Website

Bub City

435 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60654

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