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Thief Attempts to Steal Sink From 2 Sparrows

Welcome to Shit People Steal, in which we ask restaurateurs what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen.

2Sparrows%20Bathroom.jpgIt was a Saturday evening rush and 2 Sparrows was packed when the washbasin heist was attempted. A patron ran from the bathroom, a look of horror strewn on his face. "Something's wrong with your sink!"

But this isn't just any sink—this is a hand-blown glass sink from Oak Park's Prodigy Glassworks, holding a street value of $300. It was almost completely removed by hand as if by some unholy monster. Luckily, the thief could only remove it 75 percent of the way from the base. The sink is safe.

"It was pretty ambitious," 2 Sparrows chef Greg Ellis says. "If you have a nice winter-size coat, you could put it under your coat and walk out with it. It's only six inches deep so it would just look like you're kind of fat."

Despite the foiled sink robbery, it might not be over. Who knows, there could be a ring of sink bandits wreaking havoc across the city. Restaurants, watch your bathroom sinks.
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2 Sparrows

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