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Gaudi Cafe Owners Opening El Metro in Spring

There's another Mexican spot coming to Chicago Avenue in a couple months. It'll be called El Metro and operated by the same owners as Gaudi Cafe, which is roughly six blocks away, in the former home of the greasy spoon Lorraine's Diner. Lorraine's, which had a less-than-stellar reputation, shuttered in December.

Unlike its parent establishment, which is a mix of Spanish and Mexican-influenced diner fare, El Metro will be straight-up Mexican. Opening in two-to-three months, expect the standard mix of enchiladas and tacos, horchata and agua di limone. It will be BYOB, at least to start, and seat 45-50.

If nothing else, it'll be a place for a snack before hitting local watering holes like Bar DeVille.
· Gaudi Cafe [Official Site]

El Metro

1959 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL