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The Early Word on Stephanie Izard's Little Goat

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Multi-faceted diner and bread spot Little Goat opened its doors less than two months ago, blowing the minds of West Loop diners with modern twists on retro classics prepared by Stephanie Izard. Initially, the sizable menu with over 15 sections of breakfast and diner fare overwhelmed customers, but eaters have come to embrace the variety and tolerate the long waits. Here's the early word on Little Goat:

The Good News: On Facebook, a commenter shares her experience: "I just had had your Bull's Eye French Toast and to say it was amazing would be an understatement. It was phenomenal! Easily the BEST French toast I have ever had. The crispy chicken and the gooseberries were such a nice and unexpected balance. I'm already planning my next visit. Yum!" [Facebook]

The Great News: Blog Hungry Hungry Hinden raves: "A tuna melt. But this is not really a tuna melt. I mean, it is. But. It. Isn't. Their open faced melt is by definition and knife and forker. Two thick slices of a sourdough style bread are laid on a plate and topped with premium albacore tuna seasoned simply and left to stand on its own. Little Goat uses a decadent Mornay cheese sauce instead of your traditional sliced variety. A tangy pickled Nicoise salad with hard boiled egg sliced perfectly and some pickled onion and green beans complete the most unique tuna melt I've ever tried. [HHH]

The Bad News: An Urbanspoon user thinks the food is lackluster: "Fun menu but the fried chicken tasted like Morton's Frozen TV Diner for $22. I like TV dinners though. . Every thing else was great." [Urbanspoon]

The Price News: Blog Eating For Sanity assesses the value: "The atmosphere is very laid back in the bakery with plenty of space to walk around (when it is not crowded), a small store (where you can purchase marinades, coffee, shirts), and of course a bar just in case you need a quick drink. The reason I could only give it 4 mile rating was mainly the cost. Spending nearly $20 for lunch is a little overkill for a student's budget. [EFS]

The Mac News: Blog Fun Playing With Food rates the cheesy sides: "I normally prefer the more pudding-like mac n cheese style to this looser type, but today, this version hit the spot magnificently with toothy, creamy goodness, owing to the high quality cheeses in the sauce, expert preparation, and perfectly al dente pasta, with just a modest crunchy counterpoint in the topping. This side is recommended regardless of the state of your disposition, and don't hesitate to use a spoon!" [FPWF]

The Atmosphere News: Blog Jeff Eats Chicago digs the space: "All of the waitresses wear these old fashion puffy sleeved diner gal shirts that are kind of cool. The breakfast bar gave us a great view of the cook line which was really busy. Besides the excessive popularity of the place, the trendy feel, and the tatted up staff members, the diner vibe was right on." [JEC]

The Variety News: An Urbanspoon reviewer loves the options: "This is a diner without any of the bad of a typical diner. Little Goat has the type of menu that I could order from three times a day for month and not get bored. They have some really great twists on some traditional dishes." [Urbanspoon]

The Indifferent News: Blog Living Meal To Meal gives her input on the mashed potatoes: "For our side, we tried the tempura mashed potatoes. let's be real, you really can't go wrong with fried potatoes, ranch, and barbeque sauce. These weren't anything to write home about (ironic as I blog about them), but were still a tasty side. [LMTM]

The Kiddie News: A Foursquare user leave a tip: "Get here before 8:30a on weekends to avoid a wait. And most of the breeders. Baby Central! But they get cute Little Goat sippy cups. #want" [Foursquare]

The Packed News: Blog Newman Knows Best criticizes the service: "The staff is prompt and attentive. I've had a few hiccups during my several visits but they're still getting it figured out and the effort and desire is definitely there.?The reality is the place will be packed even if you go at 2pm on a Monday afternoon so you have to cut them a little slack. "[NKC]
— Ashley Mason

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Little Goat

820 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607 312 888 3455

Little Goat

820 W Randolph St., Chicago, IL