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Dimo's Pizza Opening Damen Location

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Wrigleyville's late-night go-to place for New York-style pizza at 3463 N. Clark is expanding operations southwest to Bucktown. Dimo's Pizza is the place for exotic slices, like the S'more and BBQ chicken pineapple, that has the Wrigley crowd lining up until the wee hours. The new Dimo's will open in April near the corner of Damen, Milwaukee and North Avenues; where sports of a different kind rein supreme.

The new Dimo's will occupy a brand-new space at 1615 N. Damen that will triple the size of the Clark Street spot. More seating, a much larger menu, different décor and music, and the addition of adult beverages should provide the after-hours Bucktown crowd with the dough that the Northsiders have been craving.

Owner Dimitri Syrkin-Nikolau says new menu items will satisfy a "more sophisticated palate." Dimo's will offer farm-fresh ingredients and vegan friendly pizza.

Formerly Ian's, Dimo's is under the same ownership but branched off from the company a year ago under a different name. Let's hope that the cheerful staff and the macaroni and cheese pizza make the trip to the new location as well.
· Dimo's Pizza [Official Site]

Dimo's Pizza

1615 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL

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