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Smashburger Opening First City Location in Spring

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The local burger wars are really getting hot, especially of the large-chain variety. Smashburger, which has 10 Illinois locations (including a recently-opened spot in LaGrange), has their sights on descending into the city. The fast-casual burger brand has 193 locations nationwide, 58 of them opening in 2012. The city location was spotted by Eater and subsequently confirmed by Smashburger.

Smashburger serves a variety of burgers, chicken sandwiches, sides, salads, shakes, and hot dogs. They cater some menu items to local markets, such as the "Windy City Burger", Chicago dog, and "Chi-Town Polish Sausage" that are on the menu in LaGrange. Not all locations serve alcohol, but the company applied for a liquor license for the upcoming Clybourn location.

Smashburger says they have "plans for further local expansion through new franchise partnerships" in attempts to grow the brand in Chicago over the next several years, meaning more competition for Epic Burger, Five Guys, and similar chains. The first one is coming to Clybourn north of Armitage in a few months.
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Epic Burger

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