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Sodikoff in the Spotlight in Two Interviews

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Somehow, in between overseeing a bunch of smash-hit local restaurants (Bavette's Bar & Boeuf, Au Cheval, Gilt Bar, Doughnut Vault, Maude's Liquor Bar), Brendan Sodikoff is finding time to do interviews too. In the latest issue of Time Out Chicago, David Tamarkin profiles the elusive restaurateur. The piece goes through Sodikoff's history from California to Paris, New York to California, Arizona to Chicago. One of the most fascinating parts of the story is other local restaurateurs' views of Sodikoff: "Awkward." "Asshole." "Conniving." There's also information about his new projects: The Jewish deli, the ramen shop, the barbecue spot, the pizzeria, and his concepts in London.

Meanwhile, Food Republic has a Q&A out with Sodikoff from a New Yorker's perspective. This one goes through Sodikoff's history as well, and the evolution of his restaurants and his company, Hogsalt. It also talks about his possible New York projects, his feud with Thomas Keller, and the Au Cheval burgers. Put these two together, and it's an interesting glimpse at the one-man empire.
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