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Eater Chicago's 3rd Annual Hottest Chef Competition Begins Now

Yes, today is Valentine's Day, and in 2013 that means one thing on Eater Chicago—it's Hottest Chefs Day. There's no need to turn up the heat in your house or office, because Eater Chicago is doing it for you. Eater knows that the best way to someone's heart isn't flowers or chocolates—it's hot chefs. For that reason, all the polls will run on this special day, unlike years past.

Readers nominated their picks for hottest chef, which have been narrowed down to 16 contestants. Each poll will run for an hour: four quarterfinals, two semifinals, and one final. The hottest chef in Chicago will be crowned by 5:30.

The winner will then move on to compete on the national stage against the other winners around the country. There's a lot at stake here, so let's get this Valentine's Day sexy extravaganza underway.
·All Coverage of Hot Chefs [~ECHI~]

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