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Boss Bar Expanding, Adding Pizzeria Window and Keycard-Entry Nightclub

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Boss Bar, one of the scaled-down neighborhood bars still in River North, is revamping. As part of a two-year plan, they've acquired the adjacent space at 418 N. Clark to add more seating, an intimate nightclub area, and a pizza window in front. They're also revamping the menu, according to contractor Sam De Stefano. De Stefano is a longtime developer, contractor, and former owner of the Back Room (closed last month) and Copper Club in Park Ridge.

The two spaces will be married, the kitchen will be moved, and an 18-foot opening will allow patrons access to a 1000 square-foot second bar. Where the existing Boss Bar kitchen stands will become an "exclusive hideaway" space in the rear, with bottle service, entered only through the bathrooms with a keycard. De Stefano imagines it as "more of a couples place" for nightcaps. Boss Bar holds a 4 a.m. liquor license.

A take-out only pizza window, serving New York-style slices, will be added to the front of the building, with the pizza also making it's way onto a revamped menu. They're adding Saturday and Sunday brunch too, and redoing the 18-seat outdoor patio.

Boss Bar was a favorite of former Mayor Daley, and now one where Ald. Brendan Reilly likes to relax. Look for the next door addition and pizza window in June, and the rest within two years.
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Boss Bar

420 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL