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Spiaggia Renovations to Begin New Year's Day and 'Remove Stuffiness'

The Spiaggia Dining Room
The Spiaggia Dining Room
Photo: Barry Brecheisen

Soon you can count Spiaggia among the "modern" fine dining restaurants. When the dining room reopens in April after renovations, don't expect to see white tablecloths, jacket requirements, or stuffiness. Do expect to see a brand-new lounge, bar, wine room, and new level of wine service. Cafe Spiaggia and the Spiaggia private dining room will remain open during the redesign.

"We're going to remove the stuffiness and offer the Spiaggia experience to more people," Tony Mantuano says. "There's a point where you have to refresh and evolve."

The iconic Italian fine dining restaurant is approaching its 30th birthday next year and also has a new chef. The menu will largely remain intact.

Mantuano says the dining room will be completely gutted, resulting in the new lounge, bar, dining area, climate-controlled wine room entranceway, and four-seat marble chef's counter. The 40-seat lounge, where the bar currently sits, will feature barmen serving a menu of 10-15 "little snacks" (think exclusive Italian antipasto) and apertivos. A new bar will anchor the room and overlook Oak Street Beach.

The revamp, inspired by Mantuano's travels domestically and around the world, will keep Spiaggia in step with the world's modern fine dining scene. He says that traditional white tablecloth fine dining "doesn't fit today's lifestyle" and that he sees younger crowds at modern upscale restaurants.

Reservations for the revamped Spiaggia are now being accepted for April 1 and beyond. A "Spiaggia's greatest hits" menu, offering the upscale Spiaggia fare, will be available at Cafe Spiaggia in the interim.
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