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Cookies & Carnitas Opening Today in Edgewater

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Cookies & Carnitas co-owners Brad Newman and Mikey Toarmina state that they are "two guys having fun, living out their dream." The public gets to see the results of that dream as the pair open Cookies & Carnitas today in Edgewater (corner of Broadway and Ardmore).

The duo, who started the business at a Green City Market stand, had been renting out the location's kitchen (it is close to both of their homes) before the former tenant, Barry's Pizza, closed.

Cookies & Carnitas promises the use of "small, local independent purveyors" and "organic commodity foodstuffs," which isn't a surprise since the pair were inspired to start their business after a meeting with pork farmer Jude Becker of Becker Lane Farms.

Their unusual food combination name came from their market specialties, pork-fat cookies (which are also used for ice cream cookie sandwiches at the restaurant) and carnitas (pork, beef, chicken, goat in taco and sandwich form). Their menu (in full below) also features more sandwiches (classic Italian porchetta, vegetarian, giant meat ball parmesan), pizza, soups and salads (which include roasted meat add-ons) as well.

Cookies & Carnitas is open daily from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m.

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Cookies & Carnitas

5757-59 North Broadway Street, Chicago, IL

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