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Lincoln Square's La Bocca della Verita To Close January 4

La Bocca della Verita, opened by Cesare and Liz D'Ortenzi in 1990, will close on January 4, 2014, after they were unable to renew their lease.

They are building out a new restaurant near the current location and plan on updating their Facebook page with news once it becomes available.

Cesare and Liz also started Pizza D.O.C., selling it six years ago to Carol Himmel and Diana Himmel-Krewer. A year ago Pizza D.O.C. was changed to Himmel's and is now serving European-style food alongside the old pizza menu.

Cesare passed away in 2007, but Liz keeps his memory alive in blog posts on the restaurant's website.
· La Bocca della Verita [Official Site]
La Bocca della Verita [Photo: iDine]

La Bocca della Verita

4618 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL