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Former Bleeding Heart Owner Vinny Garcia Passes Away

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Former Bleeding Heart Bakery owner Vinny Garcia passed away yesterday from leukemia complications. According to a source, Garcia's decline in health and ultimate passing was a shock since he was diagnosed a little more than a month ago and had begun treatment soon after. Garcia is survived by his wife Michelle and three children.

Along with Michelle, Garcia owned and ran Bleeding Heart Bakery for over a decade before controversially shuttering last year. The Garcias moved to San Francisco for a bit before living expenses forced them to move back to Chicago.

The Garcias announced in February that they were laying plans to open Lucha Dulce in their adopted neighborhood of Pilsen. Though the bakery's website has a time counter stating the site will go live 22 days from now, Dining Chicago reports that the project has been shelved. Official confirmation has not been given on this, however.

Funeral details have been posted on the family's Go Fund Me page (set up to offset the medical bills they were facing). Michelle writes in detail about Vinny's physical ordeals on the page as well. They have raised nearly two-thirds of the $30,000 goal in twelve days.
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