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In One Word, Food Experts Describe 2013

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As we put a cap on 2013, Eater surveyed a group of critics, writers, and all around experts for their take on the past year. We asked them eight questions: from Top Standbys to Top Newcomers, from Best Meals to Restaurants Broken Up With. All answers will be revealed—cut, pasted, unedited and unadulterated—by the time we pop the cork on 2014.

The Parson's El Camino; fried and chicken were buzzwords [Photo: Clayton Hauck]

Q: Describe 2013 in one word.

Penny Pollack, Chicago Magazine: friedchicken.

Chandra Ram, Plate: Fried.

Steve Dolinsky, ABC7: friedchicken

Sarah Freeman, Zagat: Cronot.

Audarshia Townsend, 312 Dining Diva: Overwhelming (too many places opened and quite a few were either biting off another concept or others just weren't ready for prime time).

Amy Cavanaugh, Time Out Chicago: Doughnut-filled.

Michael Nagrant, RedEye: Friedchicken. (cheated, but c'mon)

Lisa Shames, CS: Well-seasoned. Chefs are spicing things up on the plate and not just at ethnic restaurants. Plus, when was the last time you actually saw salt and pepper on the table?

Mike Gebert, The Reader/Serious Eats: Massive.

Carly Fisher, Food Fanatics: Hodgepodge.

Chris LaMorte, Urban Daddy: Fried. As in Honey Butter Fried Chicken, Parson's Chicken and Fish, et al.

Sean Cooley, Thrillist: Cronut.

Nick Kindelsperger, Serious Eats: Satisfying.
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