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Snarf's Closes; Fires Employees Via E-mail

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Snarf's Sub Shop on Chicago Avenue closed its doors last night and decided the best way to tell their employees was via e-mail, three days before Christmas.

Chicago Grid was forwarded a copy of the e-mail which instructed employees to return any keys and company property and to "keep an eye out for the grand opening of the new store."

Director of Marketing Jill Preston tells Eater that "they were all aware of the significant lack of business and that we were planning on re-concepting" and that employees "knew it was a possibility" that they would be let go. Snarf's will reopen as Snarf Burger in six-to-eight weeks, Preston says.

The employees' participation in the fast-food workers strike December 5 through December 8 played no part in their firing, Preston tells Grid. She also indicated that "will be given preferential treatment" if they want to re-apply once the restaurant re-opens, but with no guarantees in case someone with "more experience applies."

"It's a business decision," Preston says, "it happens all the time."

Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago, who organized the strike earlier this month, staged a protest in front of the restaurant this morning, urging severance pay and re-hiring for the fired staff.
· The Snarf's At 600 W. Chicago Just Laid Off All Its Employees Via Email [Grid]


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