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Graham Elliot Space Hits CraigsList; Boss Bar Renovations Halted; More

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RIVER NORTH—Care to lease the Graham Elliot space? An ad for the restaurant has appeared on CraigsList, complete with blueprints and all sorts of statistical details. The asking price is $35-40 per square-foot. Graham Elliot is set to close after service on New Year's Eve. [CraigsList]

RIVER NORTH—A stop work order notice from the city has appeared in the window at Boss Bar, noting "work contrary to approved plan." A pizza window and keycard-entry nightclub room was planned for the bar. It was also recently temporarily shut down by the health department. [EaterWire]

WEST LOOP—Paul Kahan will host the 2014 First Bites Bash, the 50-chef kickoff party for restaurant week, January 23 at Union Station. Tickets are on sale now and cost $125 ($100 for limited "first in line" tickets). [EaterWire]

MAGNIFICENT MILE—Kerry Simon, the "rock and roll chef" that recently took over Chuck's Manufacturing adjacent to the Hard Rock hotel on Michigan Avenue, is battling a severe and rare form of Parkinson's disease. Simon's doctors say that "his long-term diagnosis is not good" and "there is currently no cure." [-EN- via Las Vegas Sun]

Graham Elliot

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