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Relocated Urban Belly Opens Today

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Bill Kim unveiled the relocated Urban Belly today at 11 a.m., now situated adjacent to BellyQ on the far west end of Randolph Row. Renovating the former BellyQ takeout area in just about two weeks, Urban Belly is now nearly twice as large (60 seats), serves an expanded menu, and offers delivery. "It feels like a brand new restaurant," Kim says.

While saying the menu is "90 percent the same," Kim has added new dumplings (wagyu beef; buffalo chicken), a stir fry section, dessert (mini-doughnut with maple glaze), and a kids section (peanut butter and jelly soft serve). Every section of the menu now has a vegetarian option and they now offer gluten free and vegan dishes. Both Urban Belly and BellyQ will be strictly BYO on Sundays.

When asked if the same hardcore customer base will come to the new Randolph location, Kim says "they're already here" and mentions that people from Hot Doug's and Intelligentsia came in today.

The relocation is a result of Kim's updated deal with Cornerstone Restaurant Group; every restaurant Kim opens for the foreseeable future will be in partnership with them. Kim says the deal offers "opportunities we didn't have before" and that more projects are coming down the line.

But first, he wants people to "see what we've done" at the new Urban Belly.
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Urban Belly

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