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Sommelier Matt Gundlach Exits Moto

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After eight-and-a-half years of service at Moto, sommelier Matt Gundlach worked his last service this past Saturday evening.

Citing family reasons (his wife just gave birth to a baby girl), Gundlach will stay in the wine game, taking a position at Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe in north suburban Northbrook (which is a bit longer of a commute than the six blocks he's used to).

Like Moto's Homaro Cantu, Gundlach is an alumnus of Charlie Trotter's and where he became certified as a sommelier. Coincidentally, Matt Fearnbaugh, who hired Gundlach at Knightsbridge, is also a Trotter alum.

Leaving Moto was bittersweet for Gundlach. "It was an amazing experience to be working with such an exciting cuisine. Amazing, wonderful energy. I'll miss the teamwork." Despite it being a "tough decision," a step back was necessary he says. "The restaurant business can be really stressful and sometimes after a busy night it can take a long time to wind down. The new place is going to be a slower pace."

Both Cantu and Gundlach have nothing but kind words to say about each other. "Omar is an amazing boss and a friend. He has been with me through some very tough times," Gundlach states. Cantu says that, "Matt will always have a special place with me. He will always be a valued friend and leader."

Cantu and Moto's chef de cuisine Richard Farina are on the hunt for a replacement and are looking nationwide. "We are looking for someone energetic, willing to take wine and food to a new level not seen before. It's a big task and we have come up with some really unique ideas to move forward on this," Cantu says.
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