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Look Over the Final Elemental-Themed Graham Elliot Menu

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Graham Elliot's flagship eponymous restaurant is entering its final chapter tonight, as the chef and TV personality is rolling out its final menu (except for New Year's Eve) beginning with this evening's service. Elliot is employing much of his creative energy for the restaurant's last hurrah, designing the menu to look like a periodic table of the elements.

Elliot says the 15-course menu (increased from 12) represents "yesterday, today, and tomorrow" and he hopes it shows people "how much we've progressed." Roughly half-old and half-new dishes, it ping pongs between reimagined versions of Graham Elliot classics and dishes you can expect to see at his upcoming restaurant. He has reworked his truffle popcorn, for example, into a gelato popcorn dish with a truffle disc. His brioche Twinkie ceasar salad is now without the brioche Twinkie and parses the flavors in equal parts.

Many of the new dishes are plays on classics, such as a Thanksgiving-esque sweetbread with cranberry, salsify and chestnut; and a salmon, caper and onion plate that's designed to be reminiscent of an everything bagel and lox. Every dish features four ingredients; no ingredients are repeated.

The slimmed-down chef says he has contemplated relocating the restaurant for quite some time. He slipped the announcement into an appearance on "Chicago Tonight" while discussing Charlie Trotter's passing, saying it came out during the flow of conversation. He seems excited to move to the next chapter.

This menu will be the only menu served at Graham Elliot from here on out, with the exception of the final night on New Year's Eve. Elliot is getting close to securing the new location, stay tuned.

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