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Sodikoff to Sell Pizza in Former Cafe Con Leche Space

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Brendan Sodikoff has finally found a home for his pizza place. Originally slated for space on Green Street where he's opening Green Street Smoked Meats (and High Five Ramen and Jack and Juice), the mega-restaurateur is now slating it for the former Cafe Con Leche space in Bucktown, according to a Penny Pollack tweet. He changed plans on Green Street because of the Soho House hotel, and pizza place within, that's under construction across the street.

Although Sodikoff had planned to name it Pizzeria Cella, it looks like he might give it a different name now. The only detail available is that it will serve pizza by the slice, which will be interesting considering the location is on a stretch of Milwaukee Avenue with less walking traffic as in Wicker Park to the south or Logan Square to the north. Sodikoff still has to open Green Street Smoked Meats and Maxim's, so this one might be pretty far off. Stay tuned.
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Sodikoff Pizza Place

1732 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL