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Peek Inside Lone Wolf, Opening Tomorrow Evening on Randolph Row

[Photos: Marc Much]

Matt Eisler, Kevin Heisner, and Stephen Cole (Barrelhouse Flat) are opening the doors on their Randolph Row collaboration tomorrow. Now named Lone Wolf for the location where the Chicago River branches off and is known as home to Chicago's first three taverns (it was originally named The Brunswick), the establishment, situated between OON and Little Goat (and on the same block as Au Cheval and across the street from Girl & the Goat), is a spot for before- and after-dinner drinks and snacks, and a place to go while eeking out those two hour waits for tables.

The space is much more minimalist than other Heisler constructions like Trenchermen and Revel Room, but with similar Heisner touches. A large square bar with wooden pillars is the centerpiece of the one-room 80-seat space, surrounded by booths set against white brick walls. A small kitchen in the back serves food from Pleasant House Bakery, either brought in daily or prepped on-site, featuring Scotch egg with pork sausage; pickled egg with crisps; chicken liver pate; Welsh rarebit; five savory pies; chili; and oatmeal-chocolate sandwich cookies.

Cole's tidy seven-cocktail menu (below) is sectioned into before- and after-dinner drinks. Three "Sgrippinos" are light and bubbly; four after-dinner cocktails are heavy on digestifs like Amaro, Campari, Fernet Branca, and Cynar. The draft board rotates eight tap beer selections; the menu itself has bottled beers, canned "Bombers," and a small selection of wines.

The spot finally opens tomorrow. Now when you're waiting hours for that table at Girl & the Goat or in that line outside Au Cheval, you have a place to warm up and a bar to belly up to.

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Pleasant House Bakery

964 W 31st Street, Chicago, IL 60608 773 523 7437 Visit Website

The Barrelhouse Flat

2624 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614 773 857 0421

Lone Wolf

806 West Randolph Street, , IL 60607 (312) 600-9391 Visit Website