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Without Chefs, Sprout Shutters

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First Dale Levitski takes an extended trip away from Sprout. Then his chef de cuisine leaves for The Radler. When Levitski returns, he leaves Sprout too. Now Sprout is officially shuttered.

Sprout respresentatives and management could not be reached at press time so there's no word whether they're reconcepting. Sprout's voicemail has been "temporarily disconnected" and a Frog N Snail staffer apologetically confirms the shutter, saying it happened "last week sometime." A post on LTH Forum shares an email from Gilt City that says the "restaurant has closed and will no longer be redeeming vouchers" for a dinner offer.

Levitski, a "Top Chef" near-winner, brought the restaurant into prominence; now the restaurant has closed after he leaves. Sister restaurant Frog N Snail, opened by Levitski, remains open—for now.
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[UPDATE: A Sprout rep says "we've not yet decided how we will be using the space, but there are no current plans to reconcept."]

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