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Next Restaurant Presents...THE ROOM

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Next's private dining space, The Room, debuts this weekend. An e-mail blast was sent to season ticket holders earlier this week inviting them to preview the space. Andrew Brochu, who is already heading up the food at The Aviary next door, has created an exclusive ten-course menu designed specifically for The Room.

Accommodating up to ten guests, the cost to rent The Room is currently $4,430 (which includes, food, wine pairings, cocktails, coffee and tea service, and the room charge; tip and tax will be added to that price). Adjacent to The Office, it features a private restroom, programmable LED light wall, as well as the ability to customize music selections.

Items making their way to Brochu's menu include antelope tartare, and "southern grits" with shaved white truffle. "I've eaten the menu and it's fantastic," says co-owner Nick Kokonas. The Office's Charles Joly will handle the cocktail pairings, while Next's sommelier team will pair reserve wines.

The space was not conducive to the Bocuse D'or menu logistically, so when it ends, The Room "will follow exactly along the Next lines...unless we do a menu that we cannot bring to that room," Kokonas stated. He credits co-owner Grant Achatz with The Room's invention. "We get a ton of requests for tables larger than six so it's logical for us," Kokonas says.

The designing and building of The Room, which used to house offices, took nearly a year. There are currently no plans to spin off any other unused areas of the restaurant. Though heralding the opening of "The Closet" would make for a fantastic April Fool's Day prank.

To reserve The Room, e-mail
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