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Huge Turnout For Local Root's BBQ; Headquarters Giving Away A Game; More

STREETERVILLE—Over 2000 people attended Local Root's first anniversary BBQ yesterday. 812 rib samplers, 743 burgers, and 670 hot dogs were served. [EaterWire]

LAKEVIEW—To celebrate Headquarters Beercade's first anniversary, ownership is holding an online raffle to give away any arcade or pinball game in the house. Register here; there's over 40 to pick from. [EaterWire]

LAKEVIEW—To celebrate its 92nd anniversary, Dinkel's Bakery & Cafe is giving away a free slice of pumpkin pie with every sandwich purchase. They're also offering a schnitzel sandwich made with pork from Paulina Meat Market. [EaterWire]

GOLD COAST—Da Lobsta will be BYOB starting tomorrow, so bring some booze to wash down those lobster rolls. [EaterWire]

Headquarters Beercade

213 West Institute Place, , IL 60610 (312) 291-8735 Visit Website

Local Root

601 N. McClurg Court, Chicago, IL