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Grab a Piece of Stephanie Izard's Wedding Cake

If you weren't one of the lucky people invited to the wedding of Stephanie Izard (winner of Top Chef season 4, Girl & the Goat) and Gary Valentine this weekend, you'll at least be able to grab a piece of their wedding cake. Starting today, individual slices of Cheez-Its cake (topped with peanut butter and chocolate covered Cheez-Its) are on sale at Little Goat and Little Goat Bread at Chicago's French Market for $3 a slice.

Girl & the Goat's pastry chef, Mathew Rice, who made the wedding cake for the couple, thought it would be funny to try and make a Cheez-It cake as it's Izard's favorite snack. "In her demo kitchen there would always be a box or two of Cheez-Its in the cupboard." Izard loved the test run Rice did, so they "decided to go with it." The most challenging part was "keeping the crunchy stuff crunchy in the middle of a super moist cake." Bittersweet chocolate ganache was the key to keeping the crunch.

The buzz surrounding the cake proved to be loud enough to "give everyone in Chicago a chance to see what people were talking about." Rice admits the concept is crazy, but that the cake works. "Who doesn't love salt and sweet? Even if the salt comes from Cheez-Its."
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Little Goat

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