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Feast on New Popups From Former Moto Chef

Homaro Cantu must have taught him well. D'Andre Carter, a former Moto intern before working up to sous chef, is out on his own, launching popups under the name Feast & Imbibe. The Cantu protege is holding his first event January 25 at Company in Evanston, a space known for popups.

Carter says the food will go from refined fine dining on weekends to casual on weeknights (expect chicken and waffles.) For his first popup, he's experimenting with a tea-smoked octopus course with tea consomme. Heather Bublick (Moto, Tru) will handle the imbibe half, look for an interactive dark and stormy with ginger cotton candy.

The website is under construction so email for more details, or visit the Twitter feed. You'll see Cantu pop up there too.

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