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Hot Doug's Book Has a Cover, Details, Release Date

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Those reader submissions must have panned out. Hot Doug's the Book, written by owner Doug Sohn with co-author Kate DeVivo, is set for a July 16 release. According to Agate Publishing, the book will feature a layout that "reflects both Doug's personality as well as the restaurant's quirky aesthetic." The cover [right] is apropos for a book on the Chicago gourmet-encased-meat trailblazer.

Fan and customer memories, such as those submitted from this site as well as first-time customers, will be liberally included. Expect a detailed account of the Hot Doug's history: from Sohn's original "think tank", to how he found and developed the space, and his original menu ideas and subsequent development. Recipes (try making some of those at home), photos, contributions from the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Paul Kahan will provide meaty flavor. Expect sections on the concept, location, and community, with sprinklings of contributing details and sidebars.

Preorders are available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Sign up through Agate's website for notification of availability. More to come as the release gets closer.

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Hot Doug's

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