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The Astronomical Board Room Receipt

In Eater National's piece on astronomical receipts, there's one from Chicago's own Board Room. As one of the swankiest clubs in town, Board Room is known for their numerous and constant whale sightings. General manager James Brown shares the story behind that check.

"A client happened to be in town on a Tuesday, which is one of our highest spend nights, actually, and wanted to come in. About 30 minutes before we opened we were contacted by a rep for Zac Efron and Heather Graham who were in downstate Illinois filming a movie.

"We were all having a great time when Zac and Heather arrived, we let the client know and he wanted to buy them the biggest bottle we had in-house, which was the Aces 15 liter. The room just went up for grabs at the point when it came out. It was the first time that bottle had ever been shipped to Illinois and we were the first to sell it, so most people had never seen an Aces bottle that big.

"Zac was really cool and invited the client over to his table and they hung out for a while. The ability to put all the pieces together at the right time — energy of the room, music, clients with the resources in a mood to spend — are all the key factors needed for such a night to occur."

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Board Room

343 W. Erie St., Chicago, IL