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De'Ann Wellwerts Takes Over Markethouse

Photo: Markethouse

When Scott Walton left Markethouse a month ago to work on his own project, it was interesting to see who would take over his vacant executive chef position at the heartland-inspired eatery east of Michigan Avenue. It turns out the De'Ann Wellwerts is the one. Wellwerts has been at Markethouse since its inception, moving from back to front-of-the-house, and now to overseeing the entire kitchen. She has big menu changes on the horizon in the spring, but for now she's getting re-acclimated with the entire operation.

One thing she'll focus on is the extensive garden, which has grown exponentially in the nearly four years Markethouse has been open. When it blooms in the spring she'll use microgreens for the kitchen, chocolate and pineapple mint in the mojitos, and brew their own tea in the summer. She'll introduce new specials in the coming weeks, like scallops with page oranges, before revamping the menu in a couple months.

As far as taking over for Walton, Wellwerts is excited to fill his shoes. Being so familiar with the entire restaurant, plus the Doubletree Hotel, she says she's ready to be on her own.

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