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Is Bin Wine Cafe Shuttered or Reconcepting?

Wicker Park has seen a recent slew of closings and it looks like there may be one more to add to the list. Bin Wine Cafe has been "closed for renovations" according to a sign on its window since early December, but they recently posted to their Facebook page, "Thanks to everyone for their support. Unfortunately the Bin Wine Cafe is closed for good. We thank you all for the great times and memories, and lack of of memories, we shared." The website is completely down as well, and the phone line rings endlessly. It is clear that Bin Wine Cafe, as a wine bar, is no longer, but will the same owners open a new concept?

Eater reached out to owner Dan Sachs (Bin 36) before the New Year and he responded via email that "the location is being reconcepted. The new plan is to emphasize craft beer and gastro pub fare - all locally sourced. It seems like a better fit for the neighborhood." According to Sachs, "the space will be closed for a couple of months" and that they were working on "specifics and a clear time table." The restaurant itself remains untouched and Eater has been unable to reach Sachs for further details since the first of the year.

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Bin Wine Cafe

1559 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622 773 486 2233

Bin 36

339 N Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60610