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Whale Week, Celebrating Splurge Dining, Starts Now

Today marks the beginning of Whale Week on Eater Chicago. Ending Friday, Eater will highlight the people that love to splurge on decadent and unique food and drink experiences, and the folks that work to make them happen. Chicago has a unique breed of high-rollers (also known as whales), whether living here or visiting, that enjoy the perks of one of the top hospitality destinations in the world.

This is the time of year when everyone needs something to take their mind of the Midwestern winter. Whales do it in their unique way: Spending their hard-earned money, and year-end bonuses, in Chicago's finest dining and drinking establishments. Throughout Whale Week Eater highlights the places they love to do it with guides, maps, dishes, interviews, and anecdotes.

If you have a tale of dining or drinking excess you'd like to share with the Eater readers, send it to the tipline. Or just sit back with some bubbly.