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Embeya Launches Guest Chef Series to Benefit GCM

Temperatures may have plummeted over the last week, but starting on Monday, Embeya is offering a new way to warm up. On January 28, the restaurant will launch its Asian soup guest chef series, with various chefs creating their take on an Asian-inspired soup every other Monday. Two dollars from each nine dollar bowl of soup will benefit the Green City Market.

First up on January 28 is Jason Vincent (Nightwood), with his take; a rich walleye broth with fish dumpling, crispy carrot, foie jelly, and coriander. Mike and Pat Sheerin (Trenchermen) will debut their creation two weeks later, on February 11, with Kevin Hickey (Allium), likely to follow after.

Embeya [Jason Little]


564 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60661