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Red Square Cafe Lounge (Softly) Open

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The multi-faceted spa, bar and restaurant Red Square Cafe Lounge, in the old Division Street Russian and Turkish Bathhouse, is now open to the public. Everything except for the bar and tanning beds, that is. The restaurant features a horseradish burger, pelmeni (Russian dumplings) and Russian tomato salad, among other Russian-themed dishes. $30 gets you a microchip-embedded wristband to use throughout the building, plus admittance to the David Gebhardt (Japonais) run kitchen.

RedEye runs a list of Red Square by-the-numbers, including 25 Russian and Ukrainian vodkas at the-soon-to-open bar. Today seems like a good day to warm up in the spa.

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Red Square Cafe Lounge

1914 W. Division Street, Chicago, IL