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Weighing in on Little Market Brasserie, Now 'Officially' Open to the Public

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photo courtesy Little Market Brasserie

Little Market Brasserie, the newest restaurant from chef Ryan Poli and the Mercadito restaurant group, has been soft open for a month now serving shareable small plates of American favorites, but they "officially" swung its doors open to the public on Friday. In that span of time all kinds of Yelpers, bloggers, and general antsy restaurant world afficionados have been in and have weighed in on the internet. What are they saying? Let's find out.

The Great News: Almost all of the 13 reviews on Yelp so far are extremely positive, including this recent one: "The service was great. They suggested sharing plates, and I wish we had. The Mac&Cheese is awesome. Must get it. The salmon on Hash brown was also outstanding. My grilled cheese was delicious, but its heavy - suggest sharing that one for sure, because you'll eat the whole thing if you don't. French toast is made with their homemade herbed bread, with berries and whipped cream - awesome." [Yelp]

The Good But Loud News: Per a reviewer on Open Table: "Food quality, quantity & preparation was excellent as was the service. Our party also liked the decor, only issue was the sound level, now given it was 8:00 on a Saturday night." [OT]

The Not So Great News: One Yelper was not so impressed: "One of the hostesses was very friendly while the other was beyond rude and off putting from the start. Especially when opening a new restaurant, it is important to have welcoming staff at the front of the house, and this woman was snotty while seating us, and acted more like we were a pain in the ass rather than customers in a less than crowded restaurant. Our waitress was frankly no better, not explaining that the menu was meant to be shared until AFTER we ordered, and not coming to take our drink order/introduce herself until at least 15 minutes after we were seated (mind you, there were about 5 seated tables in the restaurant at the time). The food was nothing to write home about, although they are still probably ironing out the kinks since they did just open. The only people who were kind to us the entire night besides one of the hostesses, were the busboys and the guy who had the mic in his ear." [Yelp]

The Raves: There are six Foursquare tips so far, all of them positive. For example: "Vanilla Hibiscus soda + Makers Mark = amazing. Try the smoked salt soda as well." And: "Great assortment of new American small plates. Try a charger and spirit, blood orange and cinnamon was great. Knowledgable staff and cozy clean atmosphere." [Foursquare]

The Preview Party Review: Social Life Chicago attends the preview party and loves the free drinks and grub: "Really like the layout of the space. Some items from both the food and cocktail menu including, Deviled eggs with mushrooms, avocado & sriracha sauce grilled cheese=soooo good, Meyer Lemon Sour soda, blood orange soda with tequila and wine were passed and sampled by guests at the party." [SLC]

Little Market Brasserie

10 E Delaware Place, Chicago, IL 60610 312 640 8141

Little Market Brasserie

10 E. Delaware Pl., Chicago, IL