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Homaro Cantu's Miracle Berry Cookbook On Sale

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Apparently the secret to a healthy diet is a miracle berry. According to a new cookbook released yesterday by Moto chef extraordinaire Homaro Cantu, via publisher Simon & Schuster, the secret to creating healthier sugar-free recipes is by using the berry miraculin. He says they block sour tastes, eliminating the need for sugar. His book features more than 150 recipes featuring miraculin.

For more information, Cantu will be talking about the book on Good Morning America on January 14 and Windy City Live on January 15. An episode of "Cooking Under Pressure" highlights the book as well. Cantu has also been approached by the Museum of Science and Industry about an interactive exhibit on miraculin, running through 2016. It's a scientific, and culinary, marvel.

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