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Eclipse Restaurant Owners Shutter Restaurant, Fire Entire Staff Via Note On The Door

Photo via DNAInfo/Victoria Johnson

Eclipse Restaurant and Lounge owner Rais Usmani left a note on the door telling guests and employees that over the past 48 hours they decided to close, do some major renovations, and that employees can pick up their checks on January 18th. Apparently the staff will also be granted the opportunity to reapply for their jobs under new ownership, however, in this DNAinfo article Usmani says the management staff was not doing their jobs.

The restaurant recently was in hot water for a controversial new LED sign and complaints from neighbors about noise and fights. Usmani claims that his establishment has been unfairly targeted, but he's not going anywhere, and that was not the reason for the closing. He told DNA:

"Basically I'm not going anywhere for the next 20 years, because that's my property," he said. "If my business gets shut down for any reason, I'm going to open another business there."
When Eclipse reopens, which will likely be in the middle of February, they will be partnering with Lettuce Entertain You.

UPDATE: A rep from Lettuce Entertain You writes in to say they actually will not be involved with this restaurant.
· Eclipse Restaurant and Lounge Abruptly Closes Doors, Fires Entire Staff [DNAinfo]

Eclipse Restaurant and Lounge

2554 W. Diversey Avenue, Chicago