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Mexican Spot Dos Diablos Flooded By Upstairs Salon

Over the weekend, a fire felled Dragon Ranch, and word came today that another fire has delayed the opening of new coffee shop Dollop. Now Marc Bortz writes in to report that his restaurant, Near North Side Mexican spot Dos Diablos, has been flooded. When the morning prep team arrived this morning it looked like it was raining inside. By the time the Fire Department arrived, identified the problem at the upstairs Goran Coban salon, and shut off the water, the damage had been done.

Says Bortz, "We had over 8" of water in the dining room and our ceilings have started to fall in. Right now our electrical systems and communications are water logged and not working. We are working to reach our reservations for the next few days." It's unclear how long it will take Dos Diablos to get back on its feet, but stay tuned for more updates.
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Dos Diablos

15 W Hubbard St., Chicago, IL