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NYT at Alinea at EMP

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alinea-at-emp-092712.jpg"I began my dinner at Alinea-on-Madison-Avenue by bobbing for apples," said NYT restaurant critic Pete Wells. This was the first of five nights where Alinea took over Eleven Madison Park and brought with them "hay bales, cornstalks, pumpkins and other totems of autumn in the heartland. After brushing dried leaves off the table, Wells enjoyed some Alinea classics like the Black Truffle Explosion and Hot Potato/Cold Potato. The only dish he didn't like was the wild Scottish woodcock tempura, which he said reminded him of "turkey in leftover mashed potatoes." Overall he was impressed and called Grant Achatz, "one of the world's most inventive practitioners of modern cooking." [NYT] (photo)


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