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Bryce Caron Blogs About Leaving Graham Elliot, Future

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Last Wednesday Graham Elliot pastry chef Bryce Caron abruptly quit after what seemed like disagreements in how the kitchen should be run. But then on Saturday, Caron posted his reasons to his blog after reading a mix of comments on Eater, both positive and negative (more negative), targeting him and now former exec chef Andrew Brochu.

Instead of firing back and the detractors, Caron simply wanted to explain himself and why he left Graham Elliot in such a huff. He starts by offering background on his career, his connection to ingredients, having respect for one's bosses and the like.

He moves on to how he gained more confidence in his cooking style, both savory and sweet, had the room to experiment and grow and how getting stars, whether from Michelin or local reviews, became more important. All through the post, however, Caron, well versed, remains humble and never mentions where he has worked.

Caron then moves into the current situation, saying how he became more conflicted with the type of food he was putting out ("Why would I want to fossilize a carrot to make it look like a log in a fall forest? I got the recipe out of a book. I didn't invent it. Why do I make all this fancy food when all I think about is the chicken I was going to roast when I got home?").

He ultimately takes responsibility for his actions and his decision to leave saying "I am not trying to justify my hasty departure. It was unprofessional, and I apologize for that, but it was the right move for me to ensure my own happiness." Caron does respond to some of the commenters on Eater, but sounds like he's letting it roll off his back. As for his next step? Don't count him out. "I don't plan on leaving this business. This industry is all I have known, and I cannot wait to come back."
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