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Phones Before the iPhone 5; Bottega Veneta's Suite at Park Hyatt; Marmot Coming Soon

And now, the latest from Racked Chicago, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up...


GOLD COAST—For years, Marmot has been making quality outerwear and selling all over the
world. Yet, the brand only has six stores and they tend to be in ski resort-y places like Aspen, Vail and Park City. But now the brand is branching out and has chosen Chicago for its seventh store.

EVERYWHERE—Still on an iPhone 5 high, we set out with a bag full of old phones that haven't been seen since the '90s. We approached people waiting in line for their new iPhone 5 and asked them to rename these out of date models. Brace yourself for names like the Nokia Nuggit and the Moto Gianatti.

GOLD COAST—The latest collaboration to catch our eye isn't between a designer and a designer but a design house and a hotel. The Park Hyatt has invited Bottega Veneta up to the 17th floor to install an impeccably furnished Lake Suite. It's a muted palette and oh, so luxurious with materials you'd die to touch. Spoiler alert: the bed's headboard is ... woven leather.

LINCOLN PARK—Last weekend, over 3,000 philanthropic Chicagoans descended upon the industrial district on the North Branch of the Chicago River for the 21st annual Green Tie Ball. There were flowy frocks and top hats and lots of green.