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Feeling Gangster? Homaro Cantu Wants to Hook You Up

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The new Martin Scorcese-themed menu kicked off last night at iNG with a red carpet event, but the fun isn't ending there. Chef/owner Homaro Cantu wants to reward the best-dressed table with a special dinner.

So what do you have to do? If you plan to hit iNG while the menu is active, from now until Nov. 15, get everyone at your table to dress up in your best gangster or wise guy garb and post it to iNG's Twitter feed or Facebook page. Cantu will select the best from the bunch and he and exec chef Richie Farina will prepare a 10-course dinner for up to 10 people with wine pairings at the winner's home—anywhere in the world. Think you have what it takes? Fuhgeddaboudit...
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