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Rodan Brings in New Ownership, Chefs to Mix Things Up

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Have you been to Rodan lately? The Wicker Park lounge at 1530 N. Milwaukee, known more for the late-night drinking debauchery and the digital bathroom mirrors than the food, is hoping to change things with new ownership and chefs. The 10-year-old spot recently brought in co-exec chefs Corey Gillom (NoMI, Japonais) and Michael Torto (Lockdown) to offer an elevated dining experience drawing from the pair's forward-thinking Asian experience and gourmet burgers.

The new menu drops on Sept. 24, but in the meantime, pop in to check out cocktails fashioned by new co-owner Eric Chaleff, like the Sundown (a tequila-based drink inspired by a Blood and Sand) or the Momiji Old Fashioned made with a barley tea concentrate and Old Overholt Rye.
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600 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60610 312 822 9600


1530 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL

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