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Rockit Ranch Team Buys Martini Ranch, Wants Your Input on New Concept

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While we don't make it a habit to read Billy Dec's blog (and if we did, we wouldn't admit it), a reader passed along a link with some interesting news: Rockit Ranch Productions is adding another joint to their growing stable with the purchase of Martini Ranch.

The property is one of a dwindling number of bars with the coveted late-night 4 a.m. license, which the Rockit crew, including partners Arturo Gomez and Brad Young, hopes to take advantage of. They're shooting to open toward the end of the year, but are looking for customer input on the new concept. They're considering keeping it as a dive bar or doing a taco joint—or a combo of the two. Or something different altogether and want your ideas. They'll announce their plan in early October. There's no doubt you all will have some creative comments to leave below.
· Rockit Ranch Bought Martini Ranch. You Choose the Concept [A Chicago Thing]

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UPDATE: Did Dec neglect to tell his partners he was buying Martini Ranch?!

Martini Ranch

311 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL