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Watch CTU President Karen Lewis Talk Up Cafe Trinidad

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While Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis has been making headlines over the last week for the massive teachers' strike currently taking place in Chicago, the former chemistry teacher once appeared on local food show Check, Please! to highlight South Side restaurant Cafe Trinidad.

Lewis, who takes no punches and is standing firm for her organization, showed a much softer side on the show. With her dreadlocks pulled back into a ponytail, Lewis spoke idyllically about Cafe Trinidad and how it brought her back to the islands. "I chose it because it transports you back to the Caribbean," she said. "When you walk you, all of a sudden you want to speak a certain way, you want to slow down, you want to savor the spices." If negotiations ever wrap up, and hopefully that'll happen sooner than later, Lewis may need to take a trip back down to Cafe Trinidad.

Cafe Trinidad profile on Check, Please!

Karen Lewis Talks About Cafe Trinidad:

Cafe Trinidad

557 E. 75th St., Chicago, IL