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The Back Room Replacing Privet Behind Drawing Room

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Last week, word came that a developer bought the building where longtime venues Jilly's and the Back Room exist to tear it down and put up high-end retail in their place. The news at the time was a bit of a surprise as both locales seem to draw a very specific crowd and fill a void not found in many other spots around the city. Sure they can be touristy, but they've become staples in the Gold Coast.

Now news comes that the Back Room won't have to travel too far to a new home. Matt Lindner, whose group, Three Headed Productions, also owns the Drawing Room, is moving the jazz club into the now-closed Privet space, which used to be Le Passage, at 937 N. Rush, just a half block south.

Privet closed Sunday night after service, making way for the Back Room to take over the 5,000-square-foot subterranean venue on Oct. 5 after it closes up the street on Sept. 24. Lindner said he will strive to re-create the Back Room's intimate feel and plans to have a rotating schedule of bands for weeklong engagements playing jazz, blues and R&B. He also will add food to the offerings.
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The Back Room

937 N. Rush St., Chicago, IL